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You worked hard to get where you are! Let's create an estate plan that reflects what is important to you in passing on your life’s bounty.

Practice Areas

Estate Planning
Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directives
Community Property Agreements and Transfer on Death Deeds

Estate Planning

  • -Reduce delay, expenses, and taxes
  • -Designate your own beneficiaries and persons to handle the administration

Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives

  • – Assure that your property and business affairs will be taken care of if you can’t handle them yourself
  • – Name someone to communicate with your doctor if you are not able
  • – Instruct your doctor not to artificially extend your life if you are in a terminal condition

Community Property Agreements and Transfer on Death Deeds

– Arrange for automatic transfers of property


  • – Provide for seamless distribution without the involvement of the probate court
  • – Build in provisions for the unusual needs of family members


  • – Retain a probate attorney who is in familiar with local courts
  • – Maureen prepares and files documents, appears in court when necessary, gives notice to all involved, closes the estate in a timely manner, and distributes the assets as directed

Benefits of working with an Estate Planning Attorney

You may have thought about planning your estate for some time, or only recently had a life change that merits consideration of your arrangements.

In either case, Maureen will meet with you to learn your objectives, and together you will form a plan that accomplishes your goals.  

A well-designed estate plan reflects your final wishes, protects your assets, and provides for ease of settlement in probate.

“I listen hard to what my clients want, and communicate in realistic terms what I can do in furtherance of the clients’ goals.” 

“At the signing ceremony to finalize the work, everyone generally feels so good.  I genuinely enjoy the work, and my reviews attest that my clients enjoy the experience of working with me.”

Maureen offers prospective clients a free consultation to explore her services and ask questions.

If you want to explore Maureen’s estate planning or probate services, contact Maureen today at 360-930-0637 to arrange your free consultation, or complete the request form below.